About Allied Sinterings, Inc.


Allied Sinterings, Inc

Allied Sinterings, Inc. is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of custom-engineered powder metal products for small applications, including small gears and miniature components for planetary drives and their assembly, assemblies and sub-assemblies for medical devices and a number of industrial, commercial and consumer products.

Allied Sinterings has specialized in medical components since the 1970’s and continues today to fabricate parts for major medical device manufacturers. Additionally, the company provided Special Devices, Inc. with 50 million air bag components per year. As specialists in miniaturization and precision, Allied Sinterings works with Fortune 500 companies and small OEM’s in aerospace, aftermarket automotive, industrial and consumer goods, and medical device manufacture.

Established in 1959 by Gifford Foster and Axel Madsen, Allied Sinterings began in a converted diner on Route 7 in Danbury, Connecticut with 4 employees, 4 compacting presses and a sintering furnace. Called the “dollhouse of the industry,” the company quickly established itself as expert in small metal gears, assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Recognizing the need for smaller parts to fit smaller spaces, Foster and Madsen initially focused on small powder metal gears. Polaroid found the tiny, precision P/M gears ideal for its popular line of affordable cameras and Allied Sinterings landed the account that helped to build its finances and international reputation.


Expanding in size and geographical footprint, Allied Sinterings now employs 35 people and operates in a state-of-the-art, high tech facility, with 16,000 square feet of manufacturing space on an 5 acre tract of land. With four groups of manufacturer’s representatives in the United States, Allied Sinterings provides customers nationwide and exports internationally to China and the Far East, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Allied Sinterings is proud of its long standing business relationships and the reputation it has built as a reliable company that produces high quality precision parts on a consistent basis. It was the first in its industry to achieve ISO 9000 certification and continues to utilize its ISO 9001:2015 certification as an effective business tool. To help keep costs down, the company also embraces lean manufacturing, with a team responsible for engineering, finance, tooling and production.

President and CEO Mark Foster, son of founder Gifford Foster, is an active member in the Metal Powder Industries Federation, the world’s leading P/M organization, which enables Allied Sinterings to stay on the cutting edge of technological advances in the industry and play its part to improve the processes. Understanding that growth and development is facilitated by a knowledgeable and happy workforce, Allied Sinterings maintains good relationships with its employees and offers workers a favorable incentive program based on team performance, continued education and improvement. Allied Sinterings is proud of its diverse team of trained professionals and certified engineers, who work together with the client to offer reliable expert guidance in addition to courtesy and professionalism.


Allied Sinterings remains a tightly run family operation, owned and operated by President & CEO Mark Foster and CFO Diana Foster, who have been with the company since the 1970’s but purchased it outright in 1997 when father Gifford Foster officially retired. Axel Madsen sadly passed away in 1987. As new owners, the forward-thinking brother and sister team invested 1.5 Million in new high tech machinery in 1997.

Recognized by the industry for its accomplishments, Allied Sinterings has been profiled by Peter K. Johnson in the PDF International Journal of Powder Metallurgy (PDF – 4.81MB) 1999) and by Russ Willcut in Gear Solutions (2006). Experts in stainless steel, in 2001 Allied Sinterings was the MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation) Award Winner in the category of Stainless Steel (see Award Winning Metal Gear Case Study for details), having produced a design that turned three parts into one and saved the customer 45% by reducing production and assembly costs.

Respecting the future of our planet, Allied Sinterings’ environmentally friendly sintering process uses 99% of the material that is in the mold, with by-products limited to hydrogen and nitrogen. The process is also ROHS compliant. Additionally, Allied Sinterings encourages plant workers to reduce waste in every way in an effort to promote a “green” operation.


Allied Sintering’s; powder metallurgy manufacturing process complements prototyping for high production runs. The company is able to provide customers with fairly inexpensive, low cost solutions producing precision-engineered, high quality net-shape parts. Production is based on two full shifts five days a week and a flexible third shift for increased demand. With 90% of tooling maintenance in-house, turn-around time is quicker.

Allied Sinterings works closely with customers to provide small powder metal components, engineered with the aid of its CAD facilities. Manufactured by a team of the finest craftsmen in the nation, all parts are processed in a climate controlled environment under the scrutiny of a quality assurance system supplemented by computer supported S.P.C. and fully calibrated process monitoring. Contact us today at (203) 743-7502 to learn more!