Quality Powdered Metal Manufacturing


As a recognized world leader in the manufacture of custom-engineered powder metal products for small applications, including small gears and miniature components for planetary drives, assemblies and sub-assemblies for medical devices and a number of industrial, commercial and consumer products, Allied Sinterings, Inc. maintains strict quality assurance practices.

Every effort is made to produce high-quality results that meet design specifications with dimensional and repetitive accuracy:

  • Highly Skilled Team of Professionals
  • Aid in Design for Manufacturability
  • Competency with Complicated & Intricate Geometries
  • Precision Measuring
  • Use Only High Quality Powders & Materials
  • High Tech, State-of-the-Art Facilities & Equipment
  • Environmentally Controlled Facilities for Accurate Measurement
  • Computer Supported S.P.C.
  • Fully Calibrated Process Monitoring
  • Red Line Gear Checking Double Flank Machine
  • Hardness Testing
  • Very Tight Tolerances Held
  • Density Checking
  • 90% of Tooling Maintenance In-house for Quicker Turn Around
  • Scheduled JIT (Just In Time) Delivery
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Fast Response Times
  • AGMA Quality Guarantee
  • CAD Facilities
  • Courtesy, Professionalism and Communication

Allied Sinterings has achieved the distinction as an award winning, world-class manufacturer of some of the smallest and most intricate powder metal parts in the industry. You can work with a company whose controlled, expedient and consistent process offers you the highest degree of quality assurance available, providing you with the part you need on time every time and at a significant cost savings. Contact Allied Sinterings today at (203) 743-7502 to learn more about our powdered and sintered metal products.

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