Powdered Metal Structural Components

We offer an economical way to produce small structural components. Our powdered metal molded process is ideal for holding tight tolerances on high volume components that are used in a variety of larger product assemblies. These components are consistently produced with the precision of machined components, at a faster turnaround, with less waste, and at a much lower cost.

  1. More cost effective than traditional machining for small precision parts
  2. Enables material blends for ideal structural properties
  3. Reduces inventories needed with consistent turn-around times as more parts are needed

powdered metal structural components

Expert Manufacturer of Miniature Powdered Metal Components

Powder Metal (PM) is one of the most economical ways to fabricate high quality and strength precision metal parts to tight tolerances. Allied Sinterings made a commitment more than 50 years ago to be the best small parts PM manufacturer in the industry. This commitment has led to our reputation as a World Class Manufacturer of some of the smallest and most intricate parts in the industry.

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