Sintered Stainless Steel Parts


Sintered powdered metals are created by heating the substance below its melting point until the particles stick together. These materials — incorporating metals like nickel, iron, and chromium are applied in diverse industries such as electronics, industrial, lawn & garden, automotive, biomedical, and medical devices. They are widely used for their qualities like withstanding high temperatures and resisting corrosion, especially when made from sintered stainless steel.

Since 1959, Allied Sinterings has produced high-quality powdered and sintered metal products! We take pride in utilizing premium resources, which has earned our clients’ trust in the medical, telecommunications, automotive, and industrial equipment industries. Furthermore, we prioritize continuous innovation in our manufacturing, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Types and Applications of Sintered Stainless Steel Parts

Sintered stainless steel components are highly versatile and are extensively employed in the production of filters, catering to various applications. These uses range from fish tank filters to precision pen plugs designed for uniform ink distribution. They contribute to the efficacy of industrial air filters, ensuring the removal of particulate matter and contaminants.

The adaptability of sintered steel extends further into the automotive sector, where it is integrated into fuel and oil filters. This showcases its durability and resistance to harsh operating conditions. Here is a list of other common applications where different types of stainless steel parts are utilized:

  • Exhaust systems: mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, flanges, and manifolds
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) pump components: flanges, bosses, and rocker plates
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems: valves, coolers, tubes, gaskets, and pressure sensors
  • Mechanical components: inner and outer flanges, valve guides, pinions, cams, and spacers
  • Brake components: sensor rings, stators, and plates for servo brake vacuum pumps
  • Medical devices and robotic surgery applications: gears, pinions, and planetary gear drives
  • Electric motors and actuators: gears, bearings, bushings, shafts, housings, and connectors

Benefits of Sintered Stainless Steel

The following are the primary benefits of utilizing sintered metals for parts and components:

Material and Labor Efficiency

The powder metal process maximizes resource utilization by using 100% of the powdered material, minimizing waste. This contributes to environmental sustainability and enhances labor efficiency by reducing the need for extensive machining and waste management processes. It is also recognized as a “green” net shape process, aligning with eco-friendly manufacturing practices.


The stainless steel sintering process offers flexibility in shaping, accommodating intricate and diverse forms like cams, knurls, gears, splines, and more. This adaptability allows for precise production of complex components and meets varied design requirements across industries.

Close Tolerances

The sintering process ensures close tolerances, providing precision in the manufacture of components. Lot-to-lot repeatability is also achieved, which allows for the production of millions of parts with consistent quality before tooling modifications are required. This streamlines manufacturing processes and enhances cost-effectiveness.

Desirable Material Properties and Custom Blending

Sintered steel components exhibit desirable material properties such as strength and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, custom blending metals allows manufacturers to tailor components to meet specific customer needs. This ensures optimal performance in diverse applications.

Reduced Assemblies

The sintering process enables the consolidation of separate parts into one net shape component. This streamlines the fabrication process and reduces the need for multiple purchases and assembly steps. The result is a time and cost-saving advantage that enhances overall production efficiency.

Sintered Stainless Steel Parts by Allied Sinterings

Allied Sinterings offers expertise in assisting you with designing stainless steel components tailored to meet your requirements! Whether you are in the medical, automotive, industrial, or recreational sector, we ensure optimal manufacturability for your requested products. We also provide guidance for efficient and cost-effective designs, leveraging the advantages of the sintering process.

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