Outstanding Powder Metallurgy Planetary Gearset Acknowledged At Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards

Sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation, the annual Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition honors companies that heighten the potential of the technology. During the 2015 awards ceremony, we were presented with the Grand Prize in the Hardware/Appliances category for the planetary gearset highlighted here.

This gearset exemplifies how the team here at Allied Sinterings, Inc.harnesses the power of powder metallurgy’s precision, versatility, and performance to produce complex mechanical components.


Used in a high-end lighting control application, this self-contained, single-stage gearset consists of five different components – an input flange, output flange, planet gear, sun gear, and ring gear.

Both the input and output flanges are made of nickel steel and we produce them to net shape, which eliminates the need for secondary operations.

The sun gear features a compound design, with the second gear serving as a spline for the mandrel. We make both the sun gear and the planet gears from low-alloy hybrid steel and follow that up with a heat treatment to increase the strength properties.

Because of its lower hardness requirement, we produce the ring gear from a sinter-hardened powder. The assembly is completed using standard, off-the-shelf washer, spacers, and dowel pins as part of the original design intent.


Extremely tight tolerancing is essential for the gearset’s virtually noiseless operation. Our competency with complicated and intricate geometries, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced process monitoring tools, allows us meet a very stringent set of quality criteria. This gearset illustrates how we use the versatility of powder metallurgy to its fullest advantage, and we are proud that our efforts were recognized by the community.

To learn more about this project or the benefits of powder metallurgy, contact us at (203) 743-7502.

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