Award Winning Metal Gear Design For The Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

At Allied Sinterings, Inc. our deep roots serving the medical device industry date back to the 1970s. As a significant supplier to many top medical manufacturers, we capitalize on the strengths of powder metallurgy to offer our clients advantages in terms of both quality and economy. By tapping into the design flexibility of PM, we push forward new concepts to help them achieve their goals and objectives.


In an effort to reduce part costs, a major medical device manufacturer approached us to redesign a metal bevel gear used in a disposable instrument.

Their overall objective was to lower the cost to the consumer while at the same time improving their profit margin. The original metal gear consisted of three separate components – a spacer, a ratchet, and a beveled gear that had to be assembled into a single unit.


As a leading authority in the field of powder metallurgy, we have a lot of experience designing parts with a high degree of complexity. We applied design-for-manufacturing principles to optimize the part configuration in terms of performance, quality, and cost efficiency. Our improved solution involved combining all three components into one sintered metal part made from 304 stainless steel powder compacted to a 6.77 gm/cc minimum density. We produced this complex part with tolerances of ±0.001″, which was essential for its reliability and performance in a patient care setting.

By successfully eliminating two of the three components of the original metal gear, we reduced the client’s total costs by 45%, which included savings in both production and assembly. This project also won us the 2001 Metal Powder Industries Federation Award for the design and manufacture of a stainless steel part. To learn more about this project, contact us at (203) 743-7502.

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