Powdered Metal Components for Robotics & Automation

Not long ago, robots only existed on the silver screen, performing simple tasks we thought possible only in the movies and not in reality. However, innovation and technology have changed drastically during the past decade. Today, robots have become a vital part of various industries, including manufacturing, construction, metallurgy, and others.

Robotics and automation use computers, advanced technology, and innovative control systems to handle different equipment and processes in almost every industry. The main purpose of employing robotics and automation is the replacement of manual labor to enhance speed, productivity, efficiency, and overall performance while lowering costs. Robotics allows the automation of repetitive processes that need precision, speed, and control. It also helps improve quality and eliminate wastage while streamlining resource usage.

Why does this industry need and/or use powdered metal parts?

Powdered metallurgy (PM), also called sintering, refers to the process of custom compacting elemental or alloy powder blends into prefabricated dies. This allows making precision robotic machine parts of different complexities quickly and efficiently. It is even cost-effective to fabricate those parts you cannot fabricate with other methods.

Plus, powdered metal is a near-to-net or net manufacturing process. This means minimal material wastage occurs, making it more environmentally sustainable and efficient. As the powdered metal parts are closely connected with technology-driven manufacturing, you can create parts optimized for weight, stiffness, hardness, and strength, necessary for a range of applications in various industries including aerospace.

Applications and Uses of Powdered Metal Components for Robotics & Automation

PM or sintering has many applications in various systems and products that rely on automation. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Industrial tools, hardware, and machinery
  • Automobile engines and transmissions
  • Hydraulic assemblies
  • Locks and security hardware
  • Medical equipment such as surgical stapling and medical operations
  • Steering systems & engines, actuators for wiper motors (pull from auto piece)

PM parts have a wide range of uses in different industries and processes because of their ability to meet the specifications of tolerance and strength for highly challenging and demanding applications. They can be relied upon to:

  • Help advance research and development programs in academic and government settings.
  • Produce fully dense PM products to improve quality and strength in automobiles, diesel and turbine engines, aircraft parts, and industrial cutting and forming tools.
  • Facilitate the utilization of powder-forged connecting rods, main bearing caps, PM composite camshafts, exhaust system flanges, and stainless-steel ABS sensor rings in automobiles.
  • Use different cutting tools for new nanophase and submicron powders and other highly specialized applications.

Advantages of Powdered Metal Components for Robotics & Automation

Powdered metal components offer several advantages over other production processes for robotics and automation. Specifically, they offer higher strength, enhanced dimensional accuracy, and lighter weight at a lower cost. Moreover, the powdered metal sintering process is highly environmentally-sustainable, using 99% of the raw material and producing harmless hydrogen and nitrogen as byproducts. It’s no wonder robotics and automation have adopted PM for components manufacturing. Some common advantages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Significant reduction in scrap
  • Increase in production and efficiency
  • Continued expansion and scalability
  • Decrease in production costs
  • More efficient allocation of labor

Solutions from Allied Sinterings, Inc.

Undoubtedly, sintering or powdered metal parts production have revolutionized and advanced the robotics and automation industry. Allied Sinterings, Inc. holds expertise in designing and producing robotic parts with sintering technology. With in-depth knowledge and decades of matchless experience, we work with professional robotic designers and engineers to provide organizations with problem-solving robotic and automation solutions for their specific applications, including aerospace, defense, surgical, industrial, and more.

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