Powdered Metal Components for Medical

The medical industry has seen strong growth and increased popularity of powdered metal components in recent years. In an industry known for groundbreaking techniques in biotechnology, microsurgery, microelectronics, and instrumentation, the ability to make reliable microcomponents within extremely tight tolerances is essential.

As a leading powdered and sintered metal company, Allied Sinterings specializes in manufacturing micro and miniature components used in tight-tolerance precision medical devices and equipment. This page will discuss the benefits and use cases for small components within the medical sector.

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Types of Materials Used

A powdered metallurgy company utilizes a variety of materials, each with distinct properties that cater to specific applications. These include the following:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is preferred in powdered metal manufacturing due to its exceptional properties. Its workability allows for intricate designs, enhancing its versatility in creating complex components. It is also used in custom metal fabrication for its corrosion resistance and ductility. Additionally, stainless steel ensures a long lifespan, even in extreme temperatures. It is also a bio-approved material, which is critical in miniature medical equipment.


Brass powder can be compacted using mechanical or hydraulic presses, ensuring the creation of complex and highly detailed parts. Its high purity levels and low acid content are crucial in maintaining the integrity of components throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing superior quality and durability. Additionally, its electrical and thermal conductivity ensures efficient heat dissipation, making it indispensable for manufacturing conductive elements like connectors.

Nickel Steel

Nickel steel alloys are known for their enhanced strength, making them crucial in applications that require sturdy and lasting components. They can go through post-sintering procedures, like plastic impregnation, for extra refinement. Their high formability also enables them to be molded into detailed and accurate parts. Additionally, these alloys possess magnetic properties, contributing to their utility in various technological and industrial applications.

Copper Steel

Copper steel exhibits high strength and increased wear resistance. These qualities are crucial for applications where components must withstand heavy loads and abrasive conditions. Hence, this ensures longevity and reliability in various mechanical systems. Parts made from copper steel efficiently manage thermal energy, ensuring optimal performance in heat-sensitive devices like heat exchangers and electronic cooling systems.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is made by mixing iron powder with carbon powder and then sintering the mixture. It stands out in high stress environments, due to its remarkable strength and shock resistance. This makes it ideal for heavy loads, impacts, or intense wear applications. Its versatility also allows the creation of a wide range of components with diverse shapes and sizes.

Powdered Metal Medical Component Applications

The versatility of powdered metal components continues to expand in the healthcare sector, contributing to advancements in patient care, diagnostics, and overall healthcare infrastructure. Advanced powdered metallurgy technology excels in crafting intricate medical parts like gears, gearboxes, planetary drives, and medical dispensers. This process is renowned for its precision, producing detailed parts within exceptionally tight tolerances.

Powdered metallurgy is harnessed in manufacturing devices like arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgical instruments. It enhances biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, ensuring the integrity of medical applications. Moreover, it is used to produce components for laboratory equipment, drug delivery systems, rehabilitation devices, and more.

Allied Sinterings: Your Trusted Powdered Metallurgy Company

Allied Sinterings excels in producing cost-effective and high-quality precision medical metal parts through powdered metallurgy. With over 40 years of experience, we are renowned for crafting some of the industry’s smallest and most intricate components. Our skilled and professional engineering team has worked with clients from both small OEMs and Fortune 500 companies, providing top-notch powdered metal solutions.

Learn more about how Allied Sinterings can help you design your medical devices and robotic assembly needs. Contact us today!

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Medical Components Capabilities


Copper Infiltrated Materials
Custom Blending of Powders
Stainless Steel

  • SS-304NI-30 Stainless Steel
  • SS-316NI-25 Stainless Steel


  • CZ-1000 90/10 Brass

Straight Iron NI and CU Steels

  • FN-0208 Nickel Steel
  • FLN-4205 Loy Alloy Steel
  • FC-0208 Copper Steel
  • F-0008 Carbon Steel
  • FLC2-4808 Sintered Hardened

These materials can also be secondary heat treated.

Manufacturing Method

Powdered Metal Manufacturing

Press Tonnage

0.5 to 50 Tons

Outer Diameter

Up to 1.5″


AGMA Class 8 Gearing

Component Types

Gear Boxes
Planetary Drives

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