Powdered Metal Components for Medical

The medical industry has seen strong growth and increased popularity of powdered metal components in recent years. In an industry known for groundbreaking techniques in biotechnology, microsurgery, microelectronics, and instrumentation, the ability to make reliable miniature and micro components within extremely tight tolerances is essential.

As a leading powdered and sintered metal company, Allied Sinterings specializes in the manufacture of micro and miniature components used in tight-tolerance precision medical devices and equipment. This page will discuss the benefits and uses cases for miniature components within the medical sector.

Powdered Metallurgy for Precision Medical Manufacturing

Medical manufacturers produce parts used in diagnostics, surgical procedures, and treatment. The materials used in diagnostic equipment and surgical tools must be biocompatible, sterilizable, and durable—but often they must also be extremely small. Traditional metal stamping and machining methods often cannot produce micro or miniature components within the close tolerance levels necessary to ensure reliable functionality in medical equipment.

Powdered metal manufacturing has become a popular method for producing small components used in medical devices. Some of the advantages of this process include:

  • Volumes. Powdered metal sintering can easily and cost-effectively produce small and complex precision components in medium and high volumes.
  • Speed. Powdered metallurgy manufacturing methods are faster than multi-step machining processes used in microstamping and micromachining. Parts produced in this manner are often at or very near their final required dimensions.
  • Biocompatibility. Many biocompatible and medical-grade powdered metal materials are available for use.
  • Low waste. Powdered metal manufacturing generates very little waste in comparison to machining and stamping, facilitating sustainable efforts and lowering production costs.
  • Surface finish. Parts produced using powdered metallurgy have a quality surface finish (32 micro finish) on their own but can also be further finished to meet specific design needs.
  • Complexity. Powdered metallurgy methods can produce small parts of extreme complexity that cannot be achieved by other methods.

Powdered metal manufacturing is compatible with a versatile range of materials, all of which can be secondary heat treated, such as:

  • SS-304NI-30 Stainless Steel
  • SS-316NI-25 Stainless Steel
  • CZ-1000 90/10 Brass
  • FN-0208 Nickel Steel
  • FLN-4205 Low Alloy Steel
  • FC-0208 Copper Steel
  • F-0008 Carbon Steel
  • FLC2-4808 Sintered Hardened Steel

Uses for Medical Metal Parts

Powdered metallurgy has been used to produce small and intricate bone and surgical tools, and an expansive range of extremely small mechanical components used in medical equipment and devices. This process continues to grow in popularity for its ability to produce complex component details within impressively tight tolerances.

Allied Sinterings has the tools and expertise to produce a wide range of miniature parts for use in medical devices and equipment, including gears, gearboxes, and planetary drives. We submit all our medical products to the strictest quality processes before releasing them. Using our advanced powder metallurgy capabilities, our team can produce a variety of small and complex medical components and devices, such as:

  • Gears
  • Gearboxes
  • Planetary drives
  • Medical dispensing devices

Custom Miniature Medical Parts from Allied Sinterings

Allied Sinterings is a leading manufacturer of miniature medical equipment components, specializing in powdered and sintered metal. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility fabricates precision small medical devices and components to the tightest tolerances in conformance with AGMA Class 8 Gearing. We produce parts up to 1.5 inches in outer diameter with press tonnage from 0.5 to 50 tons.

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Medical Components Capabilities


Copper Infiltrated Materials
Custom Blending of Powders
Stainless Steel

  • SS-304NI-30 Stainless Steel
  • SS-316NI-25 Stainless Steel


  • CZ-1000 90/10 Brass

Straight Iron NI and CU Steels

  • FN-0208 Nickel Steel
  • FLN-4205 Loy Alloy Steel
  • FC-0208 Copper Steel
  • F-0008 Carbon Steel
  • FLC2-4808 Sintered Hardened

These materials can also be secondary heat treated.

Manufacturing Method

Powdered Metal Manufacturing

Press Tonnage

0.5 to 50 Tons

Outer Diameter

Up to 1.5″


AGMA Class 8 Gearing

Component Types

Gear Boxes
Planetary Drives

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